Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter is an activist movement that has received backlash from across the world for ‘overlooking the importance’ of other kinds of people. Obviously, all lives do matter, but black lives are being focused on because the American judicial system treats them like trash. Black Lives Matter isn’t just a statement, it is a reaction to the hyper-criminalisation of black people and the disgusting amount of state violence they’re subject to. If you can’t seem to understand why people are talking about BLM, you’re either missing the point or are part of the problem (or both).

‘All Lives Matter’ is a disgusting movement that tries to paint black people as aggressors and white people as victims. It refuses to accept the very real problem at hand and is the embodiment of white supremacy.

“I’m white, and I have friends who are black, and we’re all treated the same.. so why does this movement claim that only black lives matter?” Ignorant statements like these are often flung around with nonchalance (side note: please don’t make assumptions about something you are so painfully unaware of). White privilege demonstrates that if you are white, you automatically have a superior systematic position to black people. Consequently, hundreds of white people are not killed by the police (most of whom happen to be members of the oppressing group) based on the colour of their skin. Violence against black people has escalated so much in America that black families now have to teach their children how to react when they come across a policeman, to prevent losing their lives. BLM is about the system that affects more than just one person and his/her friend circle; this racism affects black people, NOT white people. It is downright disrespectful to try to divert the attention from the black community by supporting a movement like ‘All Lives Matter’.

White police officers continue to get away with the murder of innocent black people and never face any repercussions. Most of the time, they don’t even go to trial; and when they do, they’re proven ‘innocent’, solely because of the fact that the black community simply cannot be given priority over white murderers. Another question posed my many people is that of ‘black on black crime,’ which is completely and utterly irrelevant. Black on black crime is between CIVILIANS, while police officers killing black people is STATE VIOLENCE. The two are very different and cannot be compared.

If you are white, please recognise your privilege. Racism exists and is still very real. Please understand the motives of BLM. Their anger is justified in every way.


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